Wet Cleaning Technology

SoftWash® by Primus – Wet cleaning for a brighter tomorrow

  • One of the biggest laundry business innovations in 100 years.
  • A powerful 'dry-to-dry' process.
  • Flexibility - wash regular laundry using the same equipment.
  • Taps into a ready-made customer base.

No toxic chemicals. Less energy. Less water. More efficient.

More applications. Greater profitability for you

Regular Wet Cleaning vs. SoftWash®

The two technologies are totally different

  • Regular wet cleaning disadvantages:
    • no effective treatment for oil stain removal
    • increased risk of shrinkage, wrinkling and colour fading.
  • SoftWash® dry-to-dry process advantages:
    • superior oil stain removal
    • minimal wrinkling
    • efficient pre-spotting for fat stains
    • no need to hang garments (saving valuable space)
    • just as fast as a typical dry cleaning process.

SoftWash® offers customers so much more than Regular Wet Cleaning

  • Fastest: the whole dry-to-dry process only takes one hour.
  • Greater output: up to 50% more output.
  • Consistently outperforms: outstanding cleaning quality, odour and touch, full colour restoration and garment shape maintenance.
  • Lower costs per kilo textile cleaned on average (20 to 30%).
  • Cleans a greater variety of garments than any other technology.
  • Less pre-spotting needed: due to its superior grease removal.
  • Easy to set up: few technical modifications required.
  • Easy to utilise: three programmes cover nearly all of a cleaner’s requirements.
  • Hassle-free to switchover: replaces solvent machines with little additional investment and training. Can replace any solvent-based traditional cleaning system.
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