Laundry Operations Review & Audit

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In any operating facility, profit and loss is always a major consideration. We will review your existing laundry operations to analyse and determine if the operations are running at maximum efficiency. Our laundry review & audit aims to assist our clients in increasing profits through the following :

  • Reduce Laundry Operating Costs
  • Improve Labour Productivity
  • Achieve optimal cost effective operational performance

We recognise the uniqueness of each project and our scope of work is customised according to the needs, schedule and budget of each client.

Our scope of work covers the following:

Production Operations
  • Production Workload Analysis
  • Production Cost Analysis
  • Utilities Consumptions Analysis
  • Labour Productivity Analysis
  • Cleaning Performance Evaluation
  • Linen Discards & Unaccountable Losses Analysis
Laundry Workflow and Layout
  • Laundry Workflow Review
  • Equipment Layout Review
Facility and Equipment
  • Linen Chute Installation Review
  • Steam Distribution & Piping Installation Review
  • Exhaust Ducts Installation Review
  • Equipment Performance Evaluation
  • Repair & Maintenance Review