Laundry Plant Design & Planning

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At Ladrin System Planners, we are dedicated to provide a multitude of comprehensive, quality, professional services, assisting our clients in achieving their competitive edge in current business climate.

Our highly competent team takes pride in possessing a positive, congenial and professional attitude when dealing with our clients. It is our responsibility to manage our client’s project priorities profitably with our technical expertise.

Ladrin System Planners assures an efficient state-of-the-art facility within our client’s budget and most importantly, to complete the project on time. We provide full plant design, from site development through the architectural design process and equipment layout. All plant design details including storage spaces, office layouts, staff facilities, maintenance requirements and laundry equipment are important parts of the complete planning process. This process is required to establish accurate project budgets for the processing equipment and building.

We also provide tender specifications to be submitted to vendors so they can competitively bid on the equipment and we carry out tender evaluation to assist our client in making informed decisions to get the best value in their purchase.