24-7 Automated Drycleaner

Automated Dry Cleaner

White Conveyor’s 24 Hr. Automated Dry Cleaner (ADC) provides your customers round-the-clock service. It is the perfect solution to expand your existing business, improve customer service and increase profits.

White's 24 Hour Automated Dry Cleaner (ADC) dramatically increases your profits while reducing costs by replacing attended drop stores or adding new locations. Expand your customer base by placing an unattended ADC at office building, corporate campus, or apartment complex. The possibilities are endless, and so are the potential profits when you put the ADC to work for you.

  • Unattended drop off and pick up of dry cleaning and laundry
  • Offers a competitive advantage due to greater customer service.
  • Fast delivery time – conveyor delivers multiple groupings in one cycle.
  • Weather resistant – ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Can be configured to fit your existing building – can go up, down and around corners.
  • Expandable as your business or your needs grow – thanks to all modular construction.
  • Sturdy construction with long lasting, durable components for many years of reliable use.

Your customers will love the round-the-clock convenient service. They can drop off and pick up garments any time, day or night, on their way to work or play. There is no better way to build loyalty and new business.