Uniform & Locker Bag Retrieval System

Uniform Ret Fig 1
Uniform Ret Fig 2


The U-Pick-It system offers hotel, resort, gaming and theme park customers an advanced, cost-effective uniform handling. It eliminates the need for a multi-shift uniform room attendants, minimises the employee wait time for uniform pickup and gives accurate tracking of garment inventories. The U-Pick-It system has an operating life that can exceed 20 plus years.

The U-Pick-It Delivery System is efficient and simple to operate. When employees come to work, they simply swipe their personal ID card at the pre-assigned retrieval area. If a card was misplaced, they can enter their employee ID number in the keypad. The system recognises the employee and rapidly rotates the conveyor, always using the shortest route, to deliver their pre-assigned garment slot to the access door in less than a minute. The access door will unlock, allowing the employee access to his or her uniform or locker bag. Only items on the pre-assigned garment slot will be accessible while the door is opened.

When the employee has retrieved his or her property, they close the door and it locks automatically. As the next employee swipes his or her card, the System repeats the process.

The system requires just one attendant to load clean uniforms. The attendant switches the system to Load Mode, deactivating the pick-up area during quieter times of the day. The attendant then scans the RFID (or Bar Coded) clean uniforms; the conveyor automatically advances to that employee's dedicated slot location for the attendant to load the clean uniform. The process is repeated until all clean uniforms have been loaded, then the system is switched back into Pick-Up mode. If a bag or uniform needs to be retrieved during reloading, an alarm will trigger to alert the attendant loading the system, and it can be easily switched back to Pick-up mode. The seamless operation provides convenience and save cost in the long run.

The U-Pick-It system is designed in accordance to your uniform room layout, avoiding columns in between tracks while maximising the cubic space. Up and down configurations are also available in instances of high ceilings, freeing up floor space for other purposes.